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Additional Attractions

Simultaneous exhibition with Grandmaster

Every year we organize a simultaneous exhibition with Grandmaster. Attraction free for festival participants.

Simultan in 2007 Simultan in 2007 Simultan in 2007

Chess Lessons

Free for all - with IM and GM

Chess lessons - 2007 Chess lessons - 2007 Chess lessons - 2007

Other attractions

  • Solving tournament with world master - IM Piotra Murdzia
  • Bughouse chess tournament
  • Table tennis tournament
  • Pokera Texas Hold'em NL tournament
  • Grilled pork and beer (for adult) - free for participants of festival
  • Football game - Chessplayers vs Rewal government (modern sports ground)
  • Sightseeing the ruins of church over crag in Trzesacz (2 km), and museum of fishery in Niechorz (4 km).
  • Discounts for chessplayers for fish and beer in selected places