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Connection to Rewal

PKS Buses

Warszawa Zachodnia - Rewal

departure: 20.15 / 21.50 (arrival 7.17 / 9.28)

Wroclaw - Rewal

departure: 8.00 / 22.00 (arrival 16.50 / 6.33)

Katowice - Rewal

departure: (fridays and sundays) 19.30 arrival: 6.20

Szczecin - Rewal

There are regular connections from Szczecin, PKS and other buses (all on PKS station).

We will organize transport from Berlin. Cost of transport (one side) is about 20€. Contact us

Connection to Rewal (by car)

Routes (PDF files) to Rewal from Berlin, Malmo, Gdansk, Katowice, Wroclaw are on: