Chess Festival - Seahorse of Rewal

Festiwal Szachowy Konik Morski Rewala

Tournaments in 2015

Tournament A
Rewal Open ( International Open Tournament for players with FIDE ranking >= 2000 (the organizer can allow 10 % players without ELO)
Tournament B
Caissa Open ( International Tournament for players with ranking <= 2100
Tournament C
Open International Tournament of amateurs with rank to 1800
Tournament D
Juniors International Tournament - for children under 14 and under 10
Tournament E
International Chess Tournament Rapid P-15
Tournament F
International Chess Tournament Blitz P-3 +2s
Tournament G
International Tournament Fischer's Chess P-10

History of Festival

History of Seahorse of Rewal started in 1985, when was organised first Polish open chess tournament. Idea of Festival came from Leszek Ferens. In next years this event became international and continued until 1992 when there was also Polish Team Championship played.

Later because of financial and organizational problems, Seahorse of Rewal disappeared from chess map. Actual organizers decided to revive Festival and take it to the next level - by adding several others tournaments for young players.

Winners of Main Tournament

1985Krzysztof StrzeleckiPoland
1986Safet TerzicYugoslavia
1987Kazimierz ZawadaPoland
1988Michał PraszakPoland
1989Roman DąbekPoland
1990Robert KulaPoland
1991Dominik PędzichPoland
1992Stefan LoefflerGermany
2004Vitali KoziakUkraine
2005Vladimir MalaniukUkraine
2006Ralf AkessonSweden
2007Jakub CzakonPoland
2008Andrey ZhigalkoBelarus
2009Radosław JedynakPoland
2010Łukasz CyborowskiPoland
2011Łukasz CyborowskiPoland
2012Marcin SieciechowiczPoland
2013Malaniuk VladimirUkraine
2014Sivuk VitalyUkraine


The Rewal Commune is situated in the northern part of the West Pomeranian Province at the Baltic coast in the Gryfice District. It covers 41 km2 and counts about 3,5 thousand inhabitants. Rewal, as a seaside big village, is one of the most attractive places at the Polish Baltic coast the most willingly visited by tourists.

Lack of industry in the area, a healthy maritime microclimate, 18 kilometers long of clean sandy beaches, and many tourist attractions such as the ruins of the fourteenth century church at Trzęsacz, a vintage narrow-gauge railway and the lighthouse at Niechorze are the objects that thanks to our intensive promotion have become known in Poland.

The Commune authorities put a special stress on ecology. The whole area has been completely fitted with a sewer system. Thanks to the European standard of our bathing beaches , the fist class of the sea water cleanness and three teams of very well trained lifeguards, the beach at Pobierowo has been granted the European Ecological Certificate "Blue Flag".

For the last ten years at Niechorze there has been existing the Museum of Inshore Fishery, which simultaneously is the Commune Culture Centre. In the vicinity of Niechorze there is also Liwia Luza - a lake of three hundred – hectare waterfowl reserve unchanged by the man for years.

Distance to other cities

  • Szczecin - 80km (airport in Goleniow)
  • Koszalin - 80km
  • Gdansk - 230 km
  • Warszawa - 450 km
  • Berlin - 250 km